Pre-Crushers are used for preliminary crushing of flake based materials. These crushing systems can crush coarse materials without generating dust. Low noise and vibration based function is one of their main aspects.

Mini  Pulverizer
Mini Pulverizers are useful for dry crushing job. Consistent operation, user friendly crushing technology, application of joint free hardened beater and minimal temperature rise of heat sensitive substances are some of the key aspects of this product range.

Plastic Pulverizer
Plastic Pulverizers are used for attaining powder form of granular and scrap forms of plastic of different grades. These energy efficient machines are equipped with high strength cutting blades that are heat treated for their extended working life.

Centrifugal Sieving Machine
Centrifugal Sieving Machines are useful to maintain fine form of grind powder based substances by sieving and eliminating coarse particles. These space saving equipments are well known for their high output, dual unit based design and low power consumption rate.

Ribbon Blender Machine
Ribbon blenders are used for homogeneous and speedy mixing of dry as well as semi dried forms of powder based substances. Ribbon blades of these systems are used for three way mixing of materials to reduce production time.

Jar Mill
Stainless steel or mild steel made Jar Mills are used for grinding and blending of heavy materials. Based on production type, these machines are available in single/two/nine unit based forms.

Sigma Mixer
Sigma Mixers are used for blending and kneading of solid  as well as semi solid substances that include paste, slurry, powder etc. Uniform mixing technique, high output and long working life are the key aspects of this product range.

Reaction Kettle
Reaction Kettles have been developed as per global norms. Application of this range of apparatus can be noticed in food processing, health care and  also in construction arena. Long working life is one of the key aspects of these kettles.

Jar Mill Machine
Mild steel fabricated jar mill machines can be availed in different production capacity based choices. With having maximum 60 Hz frequency, this array of machines is driven by 3 hp energy efficient motor. Long working life is one of the key aspects of this array of machines.

Sigma Kneader
This range of sigma kneaders has huge demand in countries like Australia, USA and in Malaysia for its premium quality. These systems are required for mixing of different materials in chemical, pharmaceutical and also in food industries.

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